Does South Carolina Offer Property Tax Discounts for Seniors?

Find out if you're eligible for property tax discounts in South Carolina as a senior citizen. Learn more about the Homestead Exemption program and other deductions.

Does South Carolina Offer Property Tax Discounts for Seniors?

Property taxes in South Carolina are regulated by state law, which currently does not provide seniors with discounts on vehicle property taxes. However, those aged 65 and over are generally exempt from filing a state income tax return. Social Security and railroad retirement income listed on federal tax returns are also exempt from South Carolina income tax. The state of South Carolina offers special property tax provisions for homeowners aged 65 and over who have been residents of the state for at least one year.

Depending on the city and county of residence, additional tax deductions, credits, and relief programs may be available. To find out more about the tax exemptions that senior residents may be eligible for, visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue website. The Homestead Exemption is a program designed throughout the state of South Carolina for taxpayers over 65, who are totally and permanently disabled, or legally blind. This program allows for adjustments, exemptions, and deductions allowed on federal tax returns with few modifications.

Retirees who have been legal residents of South Carolina for a previous tax year may also qualify for a property tax exemption known as a Home Tax Exemption. For more information on these programs, contact your local municipality's tax department or the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Alternatively, you can call the South Carolina Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

to speak to an attorney. The state of South Carolina has a simplified income tax structure that follows federal income tax laws.